A Fresh Start For The Future

As a new decade unfolds and the world grows more economically and politically interdependent, it’s important to remember how the actions on both the individual and group level can impact the unseen faces around the world. Whether it’s ethical business practices or simply recycling your trash, everyone has been invited to the party to participate in our efforts to innovate and inspire change.

“For The Future” is an all-encompassing initiative to align our Future/Proof parent company and sub-brands with a greater mission of making Earth’s future better than the past. We created this company because we believe that feeling connected in a genuine and authentic way is crucial. Sharing experiences with others provides a joy in life that is unmatched, and our brands openly celebrate that. Right now, there is a lot going on in the world that gets in the way of people connecting – from economic inequality to the climate emergency and beyond. While throwing in the towel can be tempting, it’s our belief that rallying together leads to new ideas that foster a better path forward. That’s why we built into our business practices ways that we can help in our communities. It’s one thing to party together, but it’s an even greater thing to grow and evolve together in the process. This is For The Future.