Party Punch Does 2020 ATX Startup Games

If there is one thing we know at Beatbox Beverages, it’s how to take a party from zero to one hundred hundred with ease. Couple that with the insanity that is the ATX Startup Games and Level Up Games, you can rest assured that your quest to reign supreme in the startup olympics will prove successful – regardless of the standings. After all, its the camaraderie between those you go to war with every day in the startup world that really matter.

When we got the call to sponsor this year’s events in Austin, we knew that supplying 3,000 attendees over two weekends would be the perfect way to celebrate the startup culture we are so familiar with in our hometown. From Mario Cart to tug-of-war and everything in between, the party proved to be one that would make any sponsor proud to be a part of. Looking around at countless teams both big and small taking the necessary moments to relax and detach from work as a single community ended up being more than we could have hoped for as a partner.

Fortunately, we brought cameras – and to say we were impressed, neigh, inspired by the reception to Party Punch would be an understatement. In a city with so many formidable beverage companies to choose from, supplying a warehouse full of hoodie wearing, computer hacking, social-loving techies ended up being one of the crazier parties we’ve attended. We took the liberty of documenting the moments most likely forgotten – for many reasons. See some of our favorite moments below.

2020 ATX Startup/Level Up Games x Beatbox Beverages Recap