Naturally Austin and Naturally Boulder present: Sustainable Packaging Solutions

As an entrepreneur and maker of “stuff”, I always have my company’s impact in the back of my mind. At Future/Proof, we take actions to minimize our burden on the environment and invest in partner organizations that are aiming to provide economic sustainability by planting trees and providing deforestation relief. Beyond my individual company’s impact, the best way I thought I could contribute to helping this planet is by engaging other entrepreneurs and professionals in these conversations and this work as well. 

This idea consequently fueled my passion to launch Naturally Austin with fellow entrepreneurs in 2019 with a mission to stimulate conscious growth, foster sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship, and develop exceptional leaders while growing the consumer products ecosystem. 

This month, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Naturally Austin and Naturally Boulder are co-hosting a three-part webinar focused on sustainability. We will start with one of the biggest impacts on our industry: packaging. What options are available and what should CPG companies large and small be thinking about to ensure they are protecting the planet?

When selecting the most eco-friendly packaging for our products, there were numerous factors that played a role in our decision. Ultimately, we chose Tetra Pak, bag-in-box, and recyclable cans. 

Needless to say, I’m excited to share the floor with a panel of experts to provide insight into the complexity of our current packaging landscape while offering hope and motivation by sharing their stories. In our pre-panel discussions, we discussed the effects of COVID-19 on our use of plastic, the challenges in recycling and composting, and the promising innovation surrounding compostable and post-recycled materials. While there may be no truly perfect packaging solution, demanding more from ourselves and each other can help unearth better solutions as an industry.

– Aimy Steadman, Founder/CEO, Future Proof Brands

Kate Bailey | Policy & Research Director, Eco-Cycle

Carolyn Klindt | Packaging Circularity Manager for Danone North America

Peter Mohr | Regional Sales Executive ePac

Alyssa Harding | Executive Director of the Sustainable Food Trade Association

Helene Thibieroz | Founder, We Grow Green Tech