The Future of Packaging: A Tetra Tale

At Future Proof Brands, we take our dedication towards environmental sustainability to heart. Declaring a cause is one thing, but to continuously act on it is another. When we set out to revolutionize boxed wine with BeatBox Beverages, we fell in love with the eco-friendly aspect of Bag-in-Box packaging. Naturally, when it came time to create a product in a smaller size, Tetra Pak came along and rocked our world due to the company’s commitment to sustainability by reducing plastic and creating more biodegradable packages; after all, efforts to address economical and environmental issues are always better together.

Having said that, we jumped at the opportunity to join Climate Collaborative, in addition to Tetra Pak, as a way to commit to reducing the environmental impact of packaging. Considering this step of production comprises 5% of a products life cycle – a significant player in green house emissions – it was imperative that we partner with companies that aim to lower levels across the board. BeatBox Party Punch tetras use significantly less carbon over the full lifecycle of the product (80% less than glass bottles, 61% less than plastic bottles), and the materials are sustainable forest certified. Don’t just take our word for it, though. For a more in-depth breakdown of Tetra Pak sustainability and impact, download the entire rundown of the sustainability value offered by Tetra’s packaging and practices. Let us know in the comments how your business aims to provide sustainability and new methods of production. We’re in this together – let’s see it through.